Reviews of BISSELL Proheat 2X Revolution Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner 1548C model

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Summary reviews of Proheat 2X Revolution Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1548C

Bissell Proheat 2X is the Bissell’s flagship in upright carpet cleaner line. Over years, the Proheat 2X series has been twisted and added new features, but the original model Proheat 2X 1548 is still a popular choice.

The Proheat 2X 1548 is a full-size upright carpet cleaner, which is capable of cleaning both carpets and upholstery surfaces. It can give outstanding cleaning results because the motor is strong (6.8 amps), the dual brushes have up to 12 rows, combined with dry heating technology so your carpet will dry in no time (only 30 minutes). 

Before buying this model, you should consider a few things:

  • This model has 2 versions: the original and the Pet version (Proheat 2X 2007c model). While the original does not have a sprayer on the nozzle, the Pet version can spray more detergent on the stains. So, you can clean stains easier! Also, the Pet version has more hand tools (3’’ tough stain tool and 6’’ Pet stain tool) to remove dirts and stains on upholstery.
  • Bissell Proheat 2X has a long warranty time: 3-5 years depending on models. However, this warranty is only applicable when using Bissell cleaning formulas. If you use others, the warranty will be voided. 

In general, Bissell Proheat 2X is always the best carpet cleaning machine that you can afford. It is a great investment on the long term compared to renting a Bissell unit.

Here are a few benefits of Proheat 2X Revolution Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1548C

  • Fastest carpet drying time – The new Max mode of Bissell Proheat 2X 1548C accelerates carpet drying time in just about 30 minutes.
  • Great performance on many surfaces and above surfaces
  • Simple and easy to use

Pros and cons of Proheat 2X Revolution Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1548C


  • Easy to assemble, easy to use
  • Clean amazingly, great design for pet owners


Limited to cleaning materials by Bissell, otherwise you can make the warranty void.

FAQs of Proheat 2X Revolution Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, 1548C

What’s the difference between the 1986 and the 2007 models?

Answer: Aside from the color, the 2007C includes a pet stain eraser tool for the hose that’s not included with the 1986C.

Is the plastic cover directly over the rollers hard to clean once you pop off the outer clear cover?

Answer: Very easy to clean.

Question: how annoying is this to clean since cover over brushes doesn’t come off ? like 2007 model

Answer: It does take a little added effort and you will never get it all

Question: is the only difference between original & pet one extra tools & of course the price?

Answer: Yes , I have the vacuum and the cleaner both work great

Question: Is there no option to purchase a warranty for this machine? you can purchase one for the hoover power scrub. thank you.

Answer:i was not looking for extra warranty, it has been a good machine, Ive had 3 previous carpet cleaners by different manufacturers that have not lasted as long as this one

Question: Is this good for medium pile carpets?

Answer: Yes, it is. Great machine. I use mine frequently as I own three dogs.

Question: Does this come with the hose and upholstery attachment?

Answer: yes

Question: I recently purchased the washer but notice that it shuts down after roughly 5-10min of use. It feels warm to the touch and has to cool down. Why?

Answer: Its probably because you have drained the water in the tank and it will not clean until you empty drain dirty water tank and refill clean water tank

Question: Is this the latest model?

Answer: No, Amazon sells off the Bissell end of lines only. New model is almost identical but has a different part number.

Question: Does this work on my suede car seats and sofas ? Is it safe as to not damaging the material ? Thx

Answer: I use it on my fabric sofas and chairs with no issue but I’m not sure about suede. Best to test a small section on back of sofa and see before trying on a visible part. Sorry I can’t be more help

Question: For 2x revolution. Need to wash/clean my car seats. Is there a tools attachment for this ? If so, does water & solution flow through this attachment ?

Answer: Yes to both.

Anyone’s opinion on the 2x pet 2007c being worth the extra money over the 1548? it’s 30% more, specs identical, except for that side jet? is that all?

Answer: According to my research on the internet before I bought this machine, This machine outperformed all others including the model you are considering. Check out You Tube for the comparisons.

Question: Is this great for deep cleaning and removing stains from couches?

Answer: About as good as you can expect.

Question: That should read why are the brushes turning When using the upholstery tool? Concerned about damaging carpet or floor with a machine sitting.

Answer: I found no way to stop the main brushes when the upholstery attachments were use. Since the machine is usually stationary, and the upholstery hose is fairly long, a simple fix is to move the machine to an uncarpeted area or by elevating the machine slightly using a book or a plate so the brushes are not in contact with 

Question: Why should the birches be turning when using the upholstery tool? Concerned about damaging

Answer: They should NOT be turning, you are right. I just had this same concern and my son took the foot cover off, turned it over to reaffix it and make sure you hear the two little snaps which indicate you have installed it correctly and also when you put in the upholstery tool, it should also snap into position.

Question: Does the carpet brush have to be turning winds using the upholstery tool?

Answer: Have not tried the upholstery tool. Sorry can’t help.

Question: where is the heater?

Answer: at the bottom. move forward to wet and move backwards very slowly to dry.

Question: Mine is not working, it’s leaking. i purchased jan 2017, can i get it repaired under warranty? if so how?

Answer: Yes, you may get it get it repaired under warranty (within 3 years) by phoning 1-800-263-2535 or E-mail: (within Canada) or (within USA).

Question: Does this have a turbo brush? If not, where can I buy one?

Answer: Yes it does. It comes with a separate brush to do furniture and such!

Question: Is this vacuum cleaner proper for cleaning high pile rugs?

Answer: I’ve not used it on pile rugs but I think there’s a height adjustment on the machine

Question: Does it or does it not??? some state it didn’t come with an upholstery cleaning attachment and hose and some say it does. which is it???

Answer: Mine was a 2007C and not a 1548C, but it did come with the upholstery attachment and a really long hose so you can reach places that the machine might not be able to go.

Is the warranty 3 yrs or 8 yrs as listed on your website?

Answer: 3 years.

Question: Can I use it to clean my dog? The handle tool looks similar to dog washing machine…

Answer: No, bath your dog the normal way in a bathtub. Some pet stores have a bathing station to use for minimal cost. Better to do that than use this machine on your dog.

Question: Can I use it to clean my dog? The handle tool looks similar to dog washing machine…

Answer: I would not recommend using the tool on your dog but excellent on other applications

Question: Wonder if the temperature of steam is high enough to kill bacteria, or even bed bugs?

Answer: No, definitely not bed bugs. It’s not extremely hot at all.

Question: Does it come with the upholstery cleaning hose and tool because one review says “wish it came with the upholstery tools”?

Answer: No it doesn’t come with an upholstery cleaning hose.

It has such weak suction, it’s almost dysfunctional for vacuuming. You have to use another vacuum to vacuum. This one is only good for steam cleaning. Works well for that, use it to steam clean carpet after tenants move out.

Question: Can you fit this with a hardfloor brush attachment?

Answer: Yes ! if you like to do that.

Question: Do you need to be a defoamer?

Answer: You don’t need to get anything else other than disposable cleaning products to use with it. With this product, you fill the jug with hot tap water and soap then do a steam vacuum cycle. Then to dry, you vacuum without having the steam on.

This vacuum has poor suction though, so i first vacuum with a typical vacuum, … see more

Question: I am waiting for this product but was charged for shipping. It said free shipping. Can you help?

Answer: This happened once. I realized that the item was from rather than .ca for Canada.

The other time I paid for shipping on a ‘free-shipping’ is because I didn’t realize there was another selection box for free shipping above, which means you will receive the order within 2-4+ days rather than next day. 

Question: should i use specific cleaning liquid?

Answer: Bissell liquid cleaners are great !!

Question: What is the warranty without paying extra?

Answer: It says 2 year limited.


New Max Clean Mode, Combined With 12 Rows Of Rotating Dual Dirtlifter Powerbrushes, Delivers Professional Grade Cleaning To Remove Deep Down Embedded Stains, Dirt And Odors

Our Fastest Dry Time Ever! New And Improved Express Clean Mode Delivers Dry Carpets In About 30 Minutes

Professional Results – Powerful Cleaning With Bissell Pro Max Clean And Protect, Includes Stain Protect To Protect Against Future Stains

Professional Results – Powerful Cleaning With Bissell Pro Max Clean And Protect, Includes Stain Protect To Protect Against Future Stains

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