Reviews and FAQs of Shark Rotator ZU632 Powered Lift-Away Vacuum

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Shark Rotator ZU632 belongs to the best selling upright vacuum series of Shark brand, featuring a selfnocleaning brushroll to eliminate hair wrapping issues, a powered lift away canister for easy cleaning under furniture and a sealed allergen system + HEPA filter to keep all of the allergens, dust inside.

Reviews and FAQs of Shark Rotator ZU632 Powered Lift-Away Vacuum

On the downside, Shark Rotator ZU632 has a short cord and a small dust bin. Besides, it is also a bit weighty (16.2 lbs). It does not use a Duoclean roller therefore you might need to move a few passes to pick up fine dust. 

How to use Shark Rotator ZU632 

Shark Rotator ZU632 can be used in many ways:  

Shark Rotator Power Lift-Away ZU632 Review
  • Upright vacuum
  • Powered Lift away mode for cleaning under beds, chairs
  • Canister mode for cleaning above areas like sofa, ceiling, window, etc.

Features of Shark Rotator ZU632

  • Powered-Lift Away 
  • The selfnocleaning brushroll Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology and a HEPA filter 
  • Fingertip controls.
  • Powerful LED headlights

What’s in the package: 

  • Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away with SelfnoCleaning Brushroll Upright Vacuum
  • Pet Crevice Tool
  • Pet Multi-Tool
Shark Rotator Power Lift-Away ZU632 accessories

Specifications of Shark Rotator ZU632

  • Product weight (lbs.):  16.2
  • Dust cup capacity (qts.):  0.88
  • Cleaning path width (in.):  12
  • Wattage:  1150
  • Amps:  9.5
  • Filter type:  Washable HEPA + Foam and Felt Filters
  • Cord length (ft.):  25
  • Hose length (ft.):  6
  • Product dimensions (in.):  15.5″ L x 12″ W x 46.2″ H
  • Warranty
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty

Replacement parts of Shark Rotator ZU632

  • Foam & Felt Filter Kit
  • HEPA Filter
  • HEPA Filter Cover
  • Dust Cup 

Ratings of Shark Rotator ZU632

Shark Rotator ZU632 has an average rating of 92/100, specifically

  • Quality:  96/100
  • Value:  94/100
  • Performance:  94/100
  • Design:  92/100

Compare Shark Rotator ZU632 with other Shark upright vacuum 

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Selfnocleaning brushrollyesyesnononoyes
Powered Lift-Awayyesnononoyesyes
Anti-Allergen Complete Seal + a HEPA filteryesyesyesyesyesyes
Product Weight (lbs.)16.21615.51616.717.1
Cord length (ft.)252525253030
LED lightsOn floor nozzlenoOn floor nozzlenoOn floor nozzle & handleOn floor nozzle & handle

FAQs of Shark Rotator ZU632

How does this vacuum work on new high pile carpet? i can’t even push my old dyson on my new carpet. it just gets stuck. I’m looking for a new vacuum.

Answer: There is a slide button on bottom of the handle for your thumb ,just push down on the button for carpet ,push up for hardwood floors

Question: Is this the only Shark model that gets rid of 99.9% allergens?



Question: Is there a replacement roller for it?

Answer:  yes

Question: Does this vacuum have a beater bar?


Question: is there a light on the handle as well as the floor nozzle? it’s stated on shark’s website as having both but i’m not seeing that on amazon.

Answer: No

Question: Is there a hard floor dust away attachment available for this model Zu632?

Answer: We would like to inform you that this vacuum has an optional Hard Floor Hero attachment available. 

Question: Does anyone know where to get filter replacements for the shark rotator powered lift away? i’m not finding it on amazon & shark website says sold out.

Answer:  You can reach out to Shark Customer Care. Representatives are available Mon.- Fri. 9am – 9pm ET | Sat. 9am – 6pm ET.

Question: Is there a holder for accessories?

Answer: There are two posts on the back for the included accessories.

Question: Is there a five year warranty if purchased from Amazon and not direct from Shark?

Answer: We would like to let you know that this unit has a 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty no matter which major retailer the unit is purchased from.

Question: What is the difference between this vacuum, zu632, and the zu620 model?

Answer:  The ZU620 has a 1100 Watt, 9.5 Amp motor and 2 flooring settings, Carpet and Bare Floor. The power button is located on the main body of the vacuum. It also has a suction control valve. 

The ZU632 has a 1150 Watt, 9.5 Amp motor and 3 flooring settings, Thick Carpet / Area Rugs, Carpet / Low Pile, and Hard Floor. The power button is located on the handle.