Reviews and FAQs of Shark Rocket ZS351 Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum

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Shark Rocket ZS351 is a corded stick vacuum designed for apartments with corners and hard-to-reach places. This vacuum is very lightweight, the stick allows it to maneuver around edges and corners easily. One of the newest features on Shark Rocket ZS351 is the ability to clean itself with anti-hair wrapping brush roller. 

Besides, Shark Rocket ZS351 has a generous dust cup to store more dirt and dust, so you do not have to clean it frequently. It also has bright led lights on the nozzle to reveal dusts, hairs hidden under beds, sofas. Overall, Shark Rocket ZS351 is a good option for one looking for an efficient Stick vacuums or electric broom to do daily cleaning.

Reviews and FAQs of Shark Rocket ZS351 Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum

Technologies and benefits of Shark Rocket ZS351

Self cleaning brush roller – you do not have to worry about hair wrapping because Shark Rocket ZS351 uses a Zero-M cleaning brush roll to remove the wrapped hair by itself.

Strong power – Shark Rocket ZS351 uses a 4.2 amps rating motor to give powerful suction to pick up debris, dust, etc.

Super large dust cup – it is surprising that Shark Rocket ZS351 uses a 0.74 dry quart capacity dust cup to give you more capacity.

Multiple purposes: You can use Shark Rocket ZS351 as a stick vac, or a handheld vacuum to clean from floors to furnitures, stairs

Swivel head: the unit moves around furniture easily by using advanced swivel steering

Specifications of Shark Rocket ZS351

  • Similar models of Shark Rocket ZS351 are: ZS352, HV345, ZS350, ZS350C, ZS351, ZS351C
  • Product weight (lbs.): 8.8
  • Dust cup capacity (qts.): 0.8
  • Cleaning path width (in.): 8.5
  • Wattage: 500
  • Amps: 4.2
  • Filter type: Washable foam & felt
  • Cord length (ft.): 25
  • Hose length (ft.): N/A
  • Product dimensions (in.): 13.4″ L X 10.2″ W X 47.2″ H
  • LED lights: Not included

Accessories of Shark Rocket ZS351

Comparison of Shark Rocket ZS351 with Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum (HV301

Shark Rocket Zero-M Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum (ZS351)Shark Rocket Corded Ultra-Light Vacuum (HV301)
Zero-M TechnologyYesno
DuoClean Technologynono
Converts to a Hand VacuumYesYes
Dust Cup Capacity (Dry Quarts)0.740.31
Cord Length30 ft.25 ft.
LED HeadlightsYesno
Product Weight9.3 lbs7.3 lbs

FAQs of Shark Rocket ZS351 

Is the dust cup removable?

Answer: Then the whole dust collection piece is removable. It’s a very easy and convenient process to empty it.

Question: Can you turn the beater bar off and on?

Answer: On the switch at the top of the vacuum. The first click you feel is without the beater bar and then when you slide it in to the second setting it will turn on.

Question: do any of lightweight stick models stand alone?

Answer: My corded model does not stand by itself. The way it’s designed is with the motor at the top and slightly directed to the rear. Whoever designed this, didn’t give that little problem much consideration. It does, however, do an excellent job on both carpets and floors.

Question: Does the anti hair wrap feature work well?

Answer: Considering my tank was full of hair and not even a single strand on the roller I say it works very well!

Question: Does it come with filters

Answer: It comes with two filters . They are very easy to replace. They say to clean them once a month and when they get really nasty you can trace them very reasonably.

Question: They claim that pet hair won’t wrap around the brushroll, but what about human hair that is 24 inches long ?

Answer: Not a problem , my friend has long hair and unfortunately she is losing some , the shark lived up to its name , l have yet to see any hair on the brush roll yet . The shark has been my best buy yet!!!!

Question: Is the vacuum self propelled? Previous models were

Answer: No it is not self propelled

Question: Why wont my beater bar spin when i attach the unblocked wand to it?!??

Answer: Check to make sure nothing is wrapped around the bar. It is supposed to be ‘no wrap’ but mine does occasionally. I have 3 dogs – go figure.

Troubleshooting of Shark Rocket ZS351 

What should I do if the brush roll of Shark Rocket ZS351 stops spinning?

If the brush roll of Shark Rocket ZS351 does not spin, it will signal with the indicator light (Red). There are 2 types: solid red or flashing red.

If the indicator light is solid red, it means Shark Rocket ZS351 is jammed at the brushroll. You have to remove the jammed hairs, debris and then turn on the vacuum again.

If the indicator light is flashing red, it means the Shark Rocket ZS351 is overheated. You should cool the vacuum for 60 minutes then  turn on the vacuum again.