Reviews and FAQs of Shark Rocket HV302 Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum

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Shark Rocket HV302 is highly recommended as a vacuum for pet owners thanks to its great suction and cleaning hair capacity. The Shark Rocket HV302 can be converted into a lightweight handheld vac for cleaning above areas. Many users appreciate Shark Rocket HV302 performance, its lightweight and low-noise values, so they can use it frequently without feeling fatigue like a full-size model. 

Reviews and FAQs of Shark Rocket HV302 Corded Bagless Stick Vacuum

Here are some highlighting benefits of Shark Rocket HV302

  • Very lightweight and multiple uses:  you can use this unit as a stick vacuum, or convert into a handheld vacuum
  • A lot of tools for cleaning pet hairs and tight places
  • Easy to use with fingertip controls to switch from hard floor to carpet cleaning
  • Swivel steering to maneuver around furniture. 
  • Great for elderly – this unit is just around 7.6 lbs!

Downsides of Shark Rocket HV302

Shark Rocket HV302 has a small cleaning path, which is just 8.5 inches. Therefore, it is not recommended if you need to clean big areas because it will be very time consuming. Besides, it does not have duoclean head so you might need to move a few passes to pick up all the fine dust on bare floors.

Shark Rocket HV302 attachments

Shark Rocket HV302 attachments includes:  Shark Rocket Corded Stick vacuum, crevice tool, pet multi-tool, precision duster

Shark Rocket HV302 attachments

Compare different Shark Rocket models:  HV302, HV322, HV382 and ZS351

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum (HV302)Shark Rocket DeluxePro Ultra-Light Upright Vacuum (HV322)Shark Rocket DuoClean Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum (HV382)Shark Rocket Self-Cleaning Brushroll Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum (ZS351)
Self-Cleaning Brushrollyes
Converts to hand vacuumyesyesyesyes
Product weight (lbs.)
LED lights
Cord length (ft.)25253025
Hose length (ft.)N/AN/AN/AN/A
Dust cup capacity (quarts)0.420.690.910.8

Compare shark Rocket HV302 with Shark Apex Duoclean 

Shark Rocket Ultra-Light Corded Stick Vacuum (HV302)Shark APEX DuoClean with Self-Cleaning Brushroll Corded Stick Vacuum (ZS362)
Self-Cleaning Brushrollyes
Converts to hand vacuumyesyes
Product weight (lbs.)8.210
LED lightsOn floor nozzle & hand vacuum
Cord length (ft.)2530
Hose length (ft.)N/AN/A
Dust cup capacity (quarts)0.420.74

Specifications of Shark Rocket HV302

  • Similar models:  HV300, CS100, HV300C, HV300W, HV300WC, HV301, HV301C, HV301Q, HV302, HV302Q, HV303, HV305, HV306Q, HV308Q, HV310, UV450, UV450CCO, UV450 CCOFS
  • Product weight (lbs.):  7.6
  • Dust cup capacity (qts.):  0.42
  • Cleaning path width (in.):  8.5
  • Wattage:  500
  • Amps:  4.2
  • Filter type:  Washable Foam & Felt Filters
  • Cord length (ft.):  25
  • Product dimensions (in.):  10.5 L X 9.8 W X 46 H

Rating of Shark Rocket HV302

Shark Rocket HV302 has received thousands of ratings from users with very high satisfaction, marking at 92 points over 100 points. Surprisingly, Rocket HV302 has a high performance on cleaning stairs (92/100 points), which is much higher than any Shark upright models.

  • Stairs cleaning:  92/100
  • Quality:  90/100
  • Suction power:  90/100
  • Hard floors cleaning:  90/100
  • Durability:  90/10
  • Hair:  90/100

FAQs of Shark Rocket HV302

How well does this work on hard floors? For the most part that is what i’d be using it on. Or would I be better off purchasing a stick vac instead?

Answer: I have found this to be the easiest vac I have ever used. It works great on carpet and wood floors. as well as the bathrooms . The fact that it is light weight I can use it even with my bad back. I would recommend this to all.

Question: I just opened the box and set up the vacuum.Has anyone else found the vaccum is hard to push?

Answer: I found the vacuum hard to push when I cleaned an area carpet. It was very easy to push on my tile floor.

Question: Where does the dirt go? In a compartment in the handle, or I a compartment near the floor?

Answer: The dirt goes into a container that is incorporated in the motor unit at the top of the wand. It is a bagless machine. To empty, I detach (easily) the top machine unit from the wand, position the unit over a trash container and release the dirt door by pushing a button text to it. It’s quiet clean and easy to use.

Question: We have Mexican handmade tile flooring throughout our entire house. It is not completely level. Will this be a problem to clean with this vacuum?

Answer: I have used it on wooden floors, carpet and uneven tile. I sometimes have to make a second pass on the tile.

Question: I have corkscrew floors, would that be good on that kind of floor?

Answer: If you mean cork, rather than corkscrew, floors. I don’t know why it wouldn’t. You could always use the lower speed if you were worried about brush marks.

Question: is the brush roll self cleaning?

Answer: No it’s not self cleaning.

Question: Where can you buy extra filters for each place you need them? Washing wears them out!

Answer: I got mine on Amazon, Colorfullife 6 pack replacement filters HV 300.

Question: Can I buy a self-cleaning brush roll for the shark HV 302?

Answer: It comes with one. If you mean that you can fit on the hose, I don’t know. Shark offers quite a number of items that can be purchased separately. I would look at the website. I purchased the additional hose attachment and I am glad I did.

Question: What does hardwood floor attachment look like

Answer: There is no hardwood floor attachment because it switches between hardwood and carpet. There are the typical attachments for things such as blinds or overhead corners.

Question: Hardwood floor attachment?

Answer: Yes, it has a hardwood floor attachment.

Why does the rocket leave many lines in my carpet?

Answer: the brush construction may be the reason or more than likely the brush has hair or strings wrapped around it and needs to be cleaned. Also if the carpet is lighter or darker as you push and pull this is due to the nap of the carpet and has nothing to do with the vac.

Question: This vacuum cleaner used on European power 240 volt?

Answer: I honestly don’t know, BUT…(having lived in Europe) motors are particularly sensitive to the 240/50hz VS 120/60hz of North America. Unless it is specifically sold in Europe…I wouldn’t. Also… it does not have a ” 220/120 V ” switch. I would say no

Question: Are there other wall mounts people recommended?

Answer: I would think any with a similar type hook. Must use screws to mount it though, not stick on hooks. I use a hook provided.

Question: Does it come with a mount?

Answer: No. If you have the floor attachment on, this vacuum will stay up if it is leaned against a wall. It will not stand up on its own and it does not come with a mount.

Question: Can I buy the hardwood floor attachment?

Answer: I’m using it “as-is” to clean my hardwood floors and rugs. There are some other attachments that come with it for crevice cleaning, et.

Question: Does it smell like dust after use? Comparing with a hepa which wouldn’t

Answer: I don’t detect a dust smell. I do find I need to empty it more often than my other vacuum (which does have a heap filter), and I think it’s just a more powerful machine. And perhaps it’s because it’s a small tank, necessitating the more frequent emptying.

Question: Can you use this vacuum with a luxury vinyl floor?

Answer: Absolutely! There are 2 settings on the power switch. All you have to do is set it on the first setting and that stops the roller brush and just sucks up the dust and debris on the vinyl or hardwood floors.

Question: I have an older model with a hard floor dust pad and suction attachment. Will it fit this newer model?

Answer: I’m not sure what you are asking. This is the first one I’ve owned. It’s so powerful and easy to store. It pulls up so much dust that I have to empty the canister with each use. (And I have no pets! 

Question: Is the hv302 the same as hv 300?

Answer: We would like to confirm that the HV302 and the HV300 are from the same series with the same functions.

Trouble shooting of Shark Rocket HV302

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