Reviews and FAQs of Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC Automatic Carpet Cleaner

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Reviews and FAQs of Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC Automatic Carpet Cleaner

Hoover SmartWash is Hoover’s newest upright carpet cleaner series which is highly recommended by thousands of users if you are looking for an upgrade of carpet cleaner in 2020/2021. Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC model belongs to this series and it is designed for home with pets and kids to clean carpets, spillages and messes every day. 

The best part of Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC is its automatic cleaning feature, meaning that you just only need to move forward to clean, and pull back to dry. The water extraction feature of Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC is very amazing, which can cut your carpet drying time to just ⅓ time compared to previous series.

On the performance side, Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC can clean spills, messes on every day and is very powerful when deep cleaning old carpets with Spot Chaser Pretreat Wand – a new attribute of this model (Hoover Smartwash FH52000PC does not have this one). The water tank of Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC is about 1 gallon and its weight is moderate (around 19 lbs) which is similar to most upright carpet cleaners on the market.

The Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC comes as one piece so you do not need to assemble anything. It’s literally very easy to use so this model can be a great choice if you are looking for a gift for seniors. 

Highlighting features of Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC includes: 

Automatic Cleaning – Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC uses automatic cleaning technology so you just only need to push forward to clean and pull back to dry, it is very easy to use (even kids, old persons can use without problems)

Specialized tools for set-in stains, pet old stains – the Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC include a Spot Chaser Pretreat Spray Wand, which will help you to :  attack pet stains and capture them in a separate tank

Reduce mold proliferation – the antimicrobial brush rolls will deep clean your carpet and resist pet odor, which will not only help in better cleaning but to make the brush more durable

Pet Tool for cleaning pet stains better – this tool is also anti-microbial

No manual Mixing detergent

Auto Dry Button:  give more water extraction force and heat to help carpets dry faster

Dual Tank System:  Keeps water and solution separate from dirty water tank

Triggerless Design – You do not need to hold or press any button during cleaning process

Low Profile brush head:  Easily reaches and removes stains

Hoover FH53000PC reviews

5 Year Warranty

Downside of Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC

There are 2 minor issues that Hoover can improve on this Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC model:  the hose is a little bit short and it is a bit weighty to some users.

Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC package: 

  • 2-in-1 Antimicrobial Pet Tool
  • Trial Size Spot Chaser Pretreat Stain Solution
  • Trial Size Paws & Claws Carpet Cleaner Shampoo
  • 8 ft. Attachment Hose
  • Accessory Storage Bag


  • Assembled Unit Depth:  18.9 In
  •  Assembled Unit Height:  43.5 In
  •  Assembled Unit Width:  13 In
  •  Auto Detergent Mix:  Yes
  •  Available Modes:  Wash & Dry
  •  Brush System:  FlexForce PowerBrushes
  •  Brushed Edge Cleaning:  Yes
  •  Brushroll Window:  Yes
  •  Clean Water Capacity:  1 Gallons
  •  Cordless:  No
  •  Detachable Handle:  Yes
  •  Detergent Capacity:  16 Ounces
  •  Dirty Water Capacity:  0.5 Gallons
  •  Grip Type:  Comfort Grip Handle
  •  Handle:  Removable Handle
  •  Handle Material:  Metal
  •  Hose Color:  Black
  •  Hose Type:  Blow Molded
  •  Motor Amps; 10 Amps
  •  Motor Warranty:  5 Year(s)
  •  Number Of Motors:  2
  •  Perfect For Pets:  Yes
  • Quick Release Cord:  Yes
  • Removable Brushes: Yes
  •  Removable Nozzle:  Yes
  •  Removable Solution Tank:  Yes
  •  Removable Water Tank:  Yes
  •  Rinse:  Manual
  •  Safety Rated:  UL
  •  Surface Type:  Carpet and Rugs
  •  Tank System:  Dual Tank System
  •  Weight:  18.9 Lbs
  •  HeatForce:  Yes
  •  Auto Clean:  Yes
  •  Spot Chaser PreTreat Wand:  Yes
  •  Product shipping weight:  25.6
  •   Manual FAQ’s

Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC Replacements parts

FlexForce Brushroll for all SmartWash models 

Rating of Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC

Currently, Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC gains a very high rating, 95 points over 100 points, specifically: 

Maneuverability:  100/100 Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC is highly rated for its maneurability, where you can clean carpets, edges, corners, under furniture, stairs, upholstery, etc very easily. Although the unit weight is a bit heavy, you can use the extended hose and wand for cleaning stairs.

For stairs:  100/100 – the new tool “Spot Chaser Pretreat Spray Wand” is an excellent piece and very handy to treat pet stains on stairs. 

Easy to clean after use:  92/100 –  you can clean the water tank in just seconds, but the brush may take more time to clean if you have a lot of hairs on carpets.

Easy to use:  96/100 – the unit is fully assembled, you do not need to mix the detergent or hold any button to clean or dry, it is very easy to use after unboxing.

Suction power:  92/100 – this Hoover SmartWash Pet FH53000PC uses a motor of 10 amps rating, which is a standard of upright carpet cleaner.

Compare Hoover Smartwash Pet FH53000PC with Smartwash FH52000PC

Hoover Smartwash Pet FH53000PC with Smartwash FH52000PC belongs to the same series and actually both of them share a lot of similarity in features including: automatic cleaning, auto-mixing detergent, auto dry button, ect. The most important difference between  Hoover Smartwash Pet FH53000PC with Smartwash FH52000PC is the new tool: Spot Chaser Pretreat Spray Wand (the FH52000 version does not have the tool).

Besides, they also have differences in attachment, colors, popularity, and price. 

The Hoover Smartwash Pet FH53000PC has a pet tool, purple corlor, and is not popular as Hoover FH52000 model. However, it has a higher rating on many platforms (Amazon, Hoover, Walmart, etc). The price of  Hoover Smartwash Pet FH53000PC is a bit higher than Smartwash FH52000PC (about 30 bucks).

FAQs of Hoover Smartwash Pet FH53000PC

I need an attachment so I can wash the carpet under a king size bed with a 4″ clearance without moving the bed, it weighs a ton. can you help?

Answer: That does sound like a challenge! There is a 7″ stair tool that is sold separately (part number 440003856) and may be able to reach. However it might still be tight when you tilt back to extract. Might be worth a try though!

Question: Can the upholstery attachment be used on stairs?

Answer: Yes, I would think it can be used on carpeted stairs. It does not have the spinning heads on the upholstery attachment, so it will not be churning up the carpet fibers to lift as much debris out as the big machine does. But it should still be able to clean it fairly well as far as dirt goes.

Question: I can’t seem to fill my pre-treatment tank. I followed the directions and removed the black cap but the only opening left is the small straw opening?

Answer: Is this a serious question?

Question: I followed the instructions but I can get a solution into the pretreat tank. Is mine defective? I remove the cap but it just shows the tiny straw hole

Answer:  it sounds like the straw might be stuck! Please email at with a reference to your Amazon question and your model number.

Question: Can this be used on suede??

Answer:  This is very dependent on the type of material you are cleaning. We recommend following the manufacturer’s instructions on how to maintain your suede furniture.

Question: Does the brush on the vacuum stop spinning when using the hand tool?

Answer:  When the machine is in the upright position and the hose is attached to the port, the brush stops spinning and the triggerless functionality will not work until the port is closed and the machine is reclined. 

Question: Can this be used on Upolstery?

Answer: Have only used it on my carpet so far. Very pleased with how it cleans. But per the manufacturer you can also clean your sofa.

Question: I already have 2 smartwash carpet cleaners,, after a short use 1 month, only 1 brush turns what can i do to get them repai

Answer:  Please email at with a reference to your Amazon question and your model number.

Question: Why don’t the brushes rotate?

Answer: Mine do, so don’t know

Does it have rinse capabilities? Rinsing is as important as the washing.

Answer: Yes, just leave the cleaner tank empty or fill the cleaner tank with water. The machine is supposed to sense when the area is clean and do the rinsing on it’s own but if you’re concerned it’s not just done as I have listed above. I will say that since I purchased it it does not leave a residue in my upholstery or carpets unlike my past machines.

Question: What is the manufacturer warranty and for how long is this product covered?

Answer: The SmartWash Pet 5 year warranty gives you protection should your carpet cleaner ever stop working or break due to a defect in material or workmanship. 

Question: Does it work on area rugs without saturating the floor underneath?

Answer: If you use the shampoo & rinse spray very sparingly (meaning not going over the area very many times), it might work to not saturate the floor underneath the rug. I’m not sure how clean that would get the rug, though. Normal use would probably saturate the floor underneath. 

Question: Is this unit self propelled?

Answer: No, it is not self-propelled. The motion sensing shifts from Clean mode to Dry mode automatically, but the user still controls how it moves.

Question: Does it work on 220v ?

Answer: I did a search of 220V cleaners by Hoover and couldn’t find that it’s compatible.

Question: Tall carpet

Answer: This model is good for high pile carpets.

Question: How to spray spot clean? I put the bottom on the top called “pretreat spray” but no spray comes out. I already filled out a spot water tank.

Answer: Did you put the batteries in? The batteries go in the handle.

Question: Can you use this inside your car?

Answer: Thank you for your question. Yes, this model has an 8 foot hose and a tool that can be used in your car.

Question: Does it come with the spin scrub rotating hand held attachment?

Answer: No, it comes with a pet tool attachment not the spin scrub attachment.

I have both carpets & hard floors, can I use it on the hard floor ?

Answer: No, this product is designed for use on carpets and rugs, not hard surfaces.

Question: What kind of batteries does the smart wand use and are they included?

Answer: The Spot Chaser Wand includes two AAA batteries which can be replaced if necessary.

Question: Can this be used on tiled flooring?

Answer: No, this product is designed for use on carpets and rugs, not hard surfaces.

Question: How much does it weigh?

Answer: The SmartWash Pet weighs 20.5 lbs.

Question: Did not receive 8 ft. attachment hose. Please advise how to proceed?

Answer: Hose was included

Question: How do I find parts for this scrubber? I lost the part that holds the brush in place.

Answer: I am sure you can find parts on the Hoover website.

Question: Does it have two tanks, one for clean water and one for dirty water?

Answer: Yes, the tanks are separate. The clean water is separate from the dirty water and from the formula tank. It will automatically mix the cleaner with the water as you go.

Question: Does it work on 220v?

Answer: No

Question: Does it come with the crevice tool?

Answer: Thank you for your question. This model does not come with a crevice tool. That is sold separately. However, it does come with a pet tool.

Question: They claim to erase pet urine stains and odor, I’m wondering if it would be effective for human urine as well?

Answer: I bought this for kids not animals. It amazes me how clean it gets carpet and fabric.