Reviews and troubleshoot of BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush Compact Carpet Pet Deep Cleaner

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Summary reviews of BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush

Summary reviews of BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush
Bissell 2085C carpet cleaner

BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush is a low-price, lightweight carpet cleaner with high-rating from thousands of buyers. It is a good deal thanks to the price, efficiency, and performance. Before buying this model, you should consider a few things:

  • This upright carpet cleaner is suitable for daily use on low pile carpet, medium-pile carpets and it is also very efficient on pet hair cleaning. 
  • BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush does not have extended hose, hand tools, therefore it is not suitable for cleaning upholstery or carpeted stair. 
  • Besides, it has a small water tank – 0.5 Gallons which is suitable for small apartments. You should consider your carpet areas before making a buying decision.

If you do not have to clean upholstery, and do not need to clean 100 meter squares at a time, then BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush is a ready-to-buy one. 

Here are a few benefits of BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush

  • Low price – one of the cheapest upright carpet cleaner from authentic brand – Bissell
  • Super lightweight – only 12 lbs – you can maneuver around easily, especially great for seniors!
  • Efficient cleaning – you can remove food stains, human stains, pet stains with this model, just only need to use Bissell Formula (there is cleaning sample in the package)
  • Small tank: 0.5 Gallons – You have to replace water often if you need to clean big areas!
  • No heatwave technology – the Bissell 2065C Powerclean model can’t keep water warm during cleaning, but still you can use warm water to fill up the water tank

Pros and cons


  • easy to set up
  • easy to use after watching a couple of videos
  • worked really well for deep dirt


  • This is the smallest size carpet cleaner.
  • It is made for small areas and will take a lot of work to do my entire floor of carpet. 

Cleaning results of BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush Compact Carpet Pet Deep Cleaner

BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush Compact Carpet Pet Deep Cleaner cleaning results
BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush Compact Carpet Pet Deep Cleaner after cleaning results

Demo video BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush Compact Carpet Pet Deep Cleaner

Manual of Bissell 2085 here

FAQs of BISSELL 2085C Powerclean Turbobrush Compact Carpet Pet Deep Cleaner

Questions: Is it multi-surface? Is it good to clean the laminate floor too? 

I’ve only used mine for carpets. I don’t think it would reabsorb enough from a hard surface and there are better products for furniture.

Question: I am in a second floor rental. Does this machine make a lot of noise?

Answer:No louder than a regular vacuum.

Question: Does this cleaner have capability for cleaning furniture

Answer:My cleaner does not have an extension for cleaning furniture.

Question: Can this be used for upholstery olstry too? Like is there an attachment for smaller areas?

Answer: No, this doesn’t have an upholstery attachment. The Little Green Machine spot cleaner can do upholstery, which I also have and works very well.

Question: How well would this perform on very short carpet, it’s almost industrial style short, very cheap ugly carpeting.

Answer: I use it on 4 by 6 door entry carpet and it cleans it well

Question: Is it good to clean laminate floors too?

Answer:No, this is meant to clean carpets.

Question:Has anyone bought an extra tank for rinsing? i know i can refill with plain water but i’d rather rinse as i go.

Answer:I didn’t but don’t see why you couldn’t.

Question:Can I clean my floor with it too?

Answer:You need a floor attachment for it which doesn’t come with the package I bought. However, used it on a carpet and I am very pleased with it… works very well/easy to use and clean. An excellent buy!

Question: Can I use it in canada? Is it 120 v?

Answer:Yes you can, not sure about the voltage but it’s a standard outlet plug in Canada. Hope it helps!

Question: Can you clean couches with this?


Question:I have urine smells in my carpet, does this work on odours?

Answer:I would add some vinegar to your cleaning solution I don’t see why it wouldn’t work

Question:Can you use your own cleaner or it needs to be this brand?

Answer: Yes, but it will void the warranty from Bissell.

Question:How many minutes before it dries?

Answer:It would depend on how much you go over the area once you have sprayed the water. This machine does a great job at sucking up the water and mine is dry within the hour. 

Question:I just bought this carpet cleaner, and it’s worked wonderfully but now after have using it for a day, it keeps turning off even when plugged in

Answer:I have used mine often and have not had that problem. It should not do that. I would suggest returning it for a new one.

Before I bought mine I read the reviews and I don’t remember seeing that as a problem either.

Question:Having had older models my biggest issue was how difficult it was to clean it after use (specifically where it sucks up water) Is this easy to clean?

Answer:It’s amazing. I got it because it was small enough to do stairs. No back pain like the big ones.

Question:Can you use this shampooed on stairs

Answer:No, you will need a smaller machine.

Question:what is the warranty on this product?

Answer:1 year

Question:Can this unit clean upholstery in a vehicle or a couch?

Answer:The cleaner does not come apart so I believe it would be rather hard to clean a vehicle or couch.

What shampoo would you recommend?

Answer:I went to Home Depot and bought a gallon of hdx shampoo. Zep works well too.

Question:What type of cleaning solution do I purchase for this machine?

Answer:a sample solution comes with this machine but you can buy any carpet cleaner solution

Question:how long does it take for the carpet to dry up ?

Answer:A couple of hours. Make sure you make several passes to get as much water out of the carpet as possible.

Question:Is there an attachment for upholstery?

Answer:No attachments

Question:Why does it say free shipping, but at checkout have to pay $3.99?

Answer:you can choose the free shipping option, which is not default for some reason, but you can choose it from the options down below

Question:Is there any way to get replacement parts? We lost the water container’s cap when we were cleaning it.

Answer:I’m sure you can I would contact bissell directly they have wonderful customer service

Question:I just bought one, does anyone else have soap foam coming out from the dirty water tank?

Answer:Your adding to much soap

Question:Is this machine any good on set in old carpet stains

Answer:yes it is but only if you use the carpet stain remover by norwex –let it soak in and wash with this machine–out it comes ,no problem

Question:How sturdy is this unit? The last one i bought was also a Bissell and broke down after a couple of years even though it was rarely used.

Answer:Surprisingly tough, despite it’s lightweight. I had a larger Bissell before and it broke down as well. This unit is much less sophisticated, yet, it cleans very well. It is just what I wanted. I’ve used it to thoroughly clean carpets in two homes, without a single hiccup. I’m buying a second as a gift.

Question:Does this require a filter or a bag change?

Answer:No, it is a carpet cleaner, not a vacuum. No bags, no filters.

Q: How long do you have to wait after cleaning the carpet to be able to step on it and put everything back?

A: i would say at least 4-6 hours for a good drying. this machine is very good and and find the suction of excess water while cleaning is amazing compared to others i owned. highly recommended

Troubleshooting of Bissell 2085

Problem 1: No spraying or weak spraying

Causes and solutions:

  • Clean water tank is empty -> Refill tank with water and formula
  • Lint screen on Clean Water Tank cap clogged ->Soak Clean Water Tank cap in warm water and then rinse under running water
  • Spray nozzle clogged -> Clean spray nozzle by rinsing under water
  • Upper handle is not in the upright and locked position ->Rotate the retractable handle lock, pull handle up and return the handle lock to the locked position

Problem 2: Deep cleaner not picking up cleaning solution

Causes and solutions:

  • Collection Tank is not aligned ->Check tank alignment and secure with side latches
  • Collection Tank is full -> Empty tank
  • Removable nozzle installed improperly -> Unplug unit and align two “hooks” into bottom first, then snap into place on top
  • Removable nozzle full of debris ->Unplug unit, remove nozzle and rinse under running water
  • Red lint screen under Collection Tank is clogged -> Remove debris from lint screen

My Carpet Cleaner is leaving lint/fuzz/clumps – Pick up the remaining debris/clumps/fuzz manually – check support
My Carpet Cleaner has no suction – check support
My Carpet Cleaner leaves dirty water spots or stains after cleaning – check support
My Carpet cleaner leaves stripes on carpet – check support
My Carpet Cleaner is not spraying – check support

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