Bissell 1548 vs 1964 – What is the difference

Bissell 1548 vs 1964 – What is the difference

There are 7 key differences between Bissell 1548 and Bissell 1964, which are about the features, warranty, and selling marketplaces. Bissell 1964 is the upgraded version of Bissell 1548 with a pretreat sprayer on the nozzle, a new brush roller cover, an unique hand tool that can work in wet and dry mode, a 5 year warranty and it is sold by Walmart. Bissell 1964 has an absolutely similar model called Bissell 1986, and Bissell 1986 is sold on Amazon. 

So, should you take Bissell 1548 or Bissell 1964 in 2020/2021? 

Without any doubt, Bissell 1964 (or Bissell 1986) can give better performance and more versatility when dealing with stains, pet hairs and its 5 year warranty is a plus point. 

However, Bissell 1548 still has its own position in the market. It is very affordable, gives great performance and a 3 year warranty is just sufficient too. Surprisingly, Bissell 1548 is one of the most popular carpet cleaners for many years so far!

Should you spend 100 bucks more to get the added values of Bissell 1964 or cut the price by choosing an-old-but-still-good upright carpet cleaner Bissell 1548? 

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