Bissell 1548 vs 1551 – What is the difference?

Bissell 1548 vs 1551 – Which model is better?

The direct answer to the difference between Bissell 1548 and 1551 is the place they are sold at. Bissell 1548 is sold by many marketplaces such as Amazon, Ebay, Target, Homedepot, etc, while Bissell 1551 is exclusive to Walmart.

Apart from this, Bissell 1548 has orange color and Bissell 1551 has Yellow color. Both models uses the same construction: a motor of 6.8 amps rating, a 12’’ brush roller, 2 cleaning modes and are the best carpet cleaners for many years

Bissell 1548 vs 1551 - What is the difference?
Bissell 1551 – Yellow color

Bissell 1551 has one variation model: Bissell 1551C. The Bissell 1551C is for Canadian market.

With no differences in the performance and warranty, so the decision whether to take Bissell 1548 or Bissell 1551 will eventually be the price. At Walmart, Bissell 1551 price is usually around the 200 range. The Bissell 1548 price can fluctuate but it is in a similar range.