Bissell 1899 ProHeat Carpet and Upholstery Deep Cleaner with Edge bristles and Tank-in-Tank System

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Summary reviews of 1899 ProHeat Carpet cleaner

Bissell 1899 ProHeat Carpet cleaner is an upright carpet cleaner with a built-in heater to warm up the tap water for maximal cleaning effects. The best thing about this model is that it does not only clean the carpet amazingly, but can also clean around furniture and baseboards thanks to the addition of edge cleaning brushes. 

Before buying, here are a few things about Bissell 1899 ProHeat Carpet cleaner: 

  • The water tank is a dual design, using a bladder to separate clean water and dirty water. According to some users, cleaning the bladder after use is a real pain for them. 
  • Besides, the model is quite bulky. If you need a more compact version, Bissell Proheat 2X is a great choice as it has a slim and low profile to reach under furniture easily. However, the Bissell 1899 ProHeat Carpet cleaner is a good choice if you need cleaning efficiency and low price.

Here are a few benefits of 1899 ProHeat Carpet cleaner

  • Clean floors to upholstery easily and effectively
  • Good price 
  • Easy to use, the model is nearly assembled. You just only need to install a few screws and then it is ready to go

Specifications of  Bissell 1899 ProHeat Carpet cleaner

  • Power rating: 
  • Weight:  8.94 kg
  • Cleaning brush:  6 Rows Dirtlifter Powerbrush
  • Water heating:  yes 
  • Heatwave Technology:  yes helps maintain water temperature while cleaning
  • Edge cleaning:  yes
  • Certified frustration-free:  yes
  • Assembly Required:  Yes
  • Batteries Required:  No

Pros and cons


  • it’s low cost and portability
  • brushes which groom the carpets piles
  • various tool attachments – for stain removal and cleaning stairs: 
  • It’s really easy to use
  • cleans really well
  • hose attachment is super useful
  • easy to assemble


  • The bladder water tank is hard to clean

FAQs of  Bissell 1899 ProHeat Carpet cleaner

I spilled wine on my rug and cleaned it with water now it’s rough will this bring it back to soft again?

Answer: yes a good cleaning and rinsing will make it soft again. I was always happy with the cleanliness of my rug.

Question: ordered but scared having read some reviews ,is it easy to operate & what is the difference between this & proheat revolution?

Answer: Easy to use work well. Good removes watewell. I would buy this r again

Question: I cannot find any info about this particular this like the revolution x2?also do these have a good lifespan?reply only if you know

Answer: I’ve had our’s for approx. 1 year, great machine. However you must take apart the front & clean completely along

with brush etc. to maintain its ability to clean correctly. cheers

Question: Would the bottom brush spin when use handheld

Answer: No it doesn’t

Question: Hand held was used and lost suction. What notice the brush also spin even though the dial was set for handheld. Is it defective?

Answer: I would say so

Question: Can I wash the sofa with this machine?

Answer: Yes

Question: What is the tank capacity? How much water does the tank hold?

Answer: I just waddled down into my basement and checked. I was able to get 2.4 litres of water in. That was not quite full, but there was only a tiny bit of space left. So at a guess I would say it might take 2.5 litres.

Question: Will this machine clean short shag carpets?

Answer: Not sure in a couple of weeks I will try a corner on my shag and will let you know

Question: Would you recommend this cleaner for a multi pet household?

Answer: Yes. We have dogs that have had accidents. Worked well.

Question: Is this a steam cleaner as well?

Answer: No. It sprays liquid from a tank and then picks it up with a vacuum cleaner.

As we were loading the steam cleaner into the truck the clear plastic suction screen in front broke in half, i desperately needed a replacement part?

Answer: Contact the company and they will send the part you need

Question: Can we use this carpet cleaner to clean inside the car?

Answer: I’ve used the hose attachment plenty of times in the car. It takes time, go slow and be patient. Give yourself at least a half day for dry time as well. I haven’t used this on my car floor carpets yet but it works amazingly well on seats. And it’s truly disgusting the crap that it takes out.

Question: Does it come with the hose for the stairs?

Answer: The hose attachment and brush is for fabric chairs and upholstery. You could use it for stairs although it would take more time to complete.

Question: Would I seriously have to wait 1-2 months for this item to be delivered?

Answer: I did not wait this long for delivery in Ontario Canada. It depends on your location

Question: It says ships within 1 to 2 months. Does that mean it takes that long just to get out the door or it takes that long to get here?

Answer: I didn’t experience this myself but that would indicate it ships in that amount of time. Not necessarily 3-4 months for delivery. But I’d ask the seller.

Question: What is the warranty?

Answer: One year l think

Question: How easy is it to clean the tank? I have a little green machine and the dirty water tank is gross even after cleaning it out everytime right after.

Answer: Simply rinse

Bissell 86T3 Big Deep Cleaning Machine Professional Grade Carpet Cleaner (Green)

Last update

A commercial grade cleaner that worths every penny!

Black Friday Bissell 86T3 Big Deep Cleaning Machine 2020

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Summary reviews of Bissell 86T3 Big Deep Cleaning Machine

Bissell 86T3 Big Deep Cleaning Machine is a commercial-grade carpet cleaner. This model is designed for cleaning big areas with high traffic stains and old stains by using its powerful motor and oscillating brushes. The unit has been used at rental stores for many years thanks to its great performance and durability. 

Before buying Bissell 86T3 Big Deep Cleaning Machine, you should consider

  • It is a rare model that can clean shag carpet without harming it – this is because of the oscillating brush (not rotating brush) cleans more gently on the carpet fibers.
  • This model is designed for commercial cleaning – that’s why it is very heavy, over 40 lbs. If you have many stairs, you should think of this in advance
  • The model is also more expensive than an upright carpet cleaner. If you are serious about money power, Bissell Proheat 2X models can be other alternatives.

Here are a few benefits of Bissell 86T3 Big Deep Cleaning Machine

  • Simple to use, right out of the box.
  • The machine is heavy, but not too heavy, and rolls easily
  • Great suction and gets the dirt you can’t even see
  • It is conveniently used for big jobs or small 
  • It will last for many years

Specifications of  Bissell 86T3 Big Deep Cleaning Machine

  • Power rating: 12 amps
  • Water tanks: 1.75 Gallons Dual Tank
  • Cleaning width: 10.5’’
  • Brush: 10 brush Rows
  • Tools: 6’’ tough stain stool, folding handle, measuring cup
  • Power Cord Length: 25 ft

Pros and cons


  • Well made machine. 
  • Excellent job at cleaning carpets. 
  • Very easy to operate. 
  • Packs away well because of the ability to fold down.


  • Heavy and expensive

Cleaning demo:

FAQs of  Bissell 86T3 Big Deep Cleaning Machine

How long is the hose?

Answer: It is between 3.5 4 meters

Question: Do we have to vacuum first or this machine also does that?

Answer: Yes. You need to vacuum first. That being said, it will pick up fur and hair from the rug as it passes over cleaning. It’s a great machine. I have no regrets on purchasing.

Question: Does it work in vehicles?

Answer: I think the accessory might be long enough to wash the car seats. I haven’t used it fir that purpose, though. : )

Question: How does this machine dry the carpet? Does it have a push button?

Answer: The machine has a spray nozzle activated by a trigger on the handle to dispense the cleaning water, and the suction is always on, so if you want to dry carpet, just pass over carpet with the machine without a depressing trigger until you don’t see water being sucked up. 

Question: Hi, wondering how it work on car detailing insides, with the winters we have in canada, i need a machine that can easily clean salt stains!

Answer: It works excellently, this is the best machine we have ever owned.

Question: How is the attachment it comes with for the stairs? Does it clean well? One review mentioned a turbo brush for the stairs but which one?

Answer: It comes with a long hose and upholstery attachment which works quite well for both furniture and stairs. I love mine and wish I had bought it long before I did. Powerful and easy to use but most importantly it just works really well.

Question: Can you clean car seats and carpet with this?

Answer: Yes you can with the upholstery tool. Excellent machine

Anyone know the suction power (psi)?

Answer:  Suction is based on inches of water column. Psi measures pressure. The unit has excellent vacuum

Question: Anyone know the suction power (psi)?

Answer: I don’t know, but it sucks too well! It works amazingly!

Question: Is the Scotchguard solution toxic to human health or the environment? What are the health risks of coating my carpets / upholstery with this formula?

Answer: I never used the Scotchguard solution – I only ever used the cleaning solution that is designed for the Bissell machine

Question: Are spare parts available and easy to come by?

Answer: I have not needed to replace any parts of mine. Best source seems to be their website, which has parts most likely to eventually need replacing such as brushes, belts, tools and hoses.

Question: How good is the suction for the hand tool for furniture/stairs.

Answer: The hand tool suction is decent! I do my stairs and they are dry in about 90 minutes

Question: Does the company offer a 5 year warranty? When amazon asks for a 3 year waranty for 42$, it means a total of 8 years warranty ? Is it free shipping when it brokes?

Answer: I usually don’t buy any extra warranties when I am buying for a good product. I have had it for about 3 months and we have used it a lot. So far I am glad that I haven’t needed to call for support or warranties. 

Question: Can I buy a motorized attachment for stairs? The non spinning brush doesn’t do a great job

Answer: unsure if you can or not.

Question: When was the last time this was on sale? I heard it was on for $380 a few months ago?

Answer: Not sure I haven’t followed it after my purchase. Worth the regular price in my opinion.

Does the “machine only” come with any cleaning solution from Bissell?

Answer: Just a machine! But you can also conveniently order various types of Bissell solution from amazon as well, based on your needs, for pets? Allergy control ? Or else. It’s a powerful machine, I like it very much.

Question: Can this be used on hard surface floors. Like vinyl floors or cvt?

Answer: I don’t think so. It is designed for carpets and has a spinning brush

Question: What’s the difference between this one and bissell biggreen commercial bg10 deep cleaning 2 motor extracter machine? look so similar except the price

Answer:  Not sure but this one does an awesome job and feels very solid

Question: On the bissell website I found attachments for spot cleaning. I am interested in one for pet spots. Can I use this attachment with this machine?

Answer: This unit comes with a hand held spot remover so you just need what’s in the box….works great for letting stains : )

Question: Does the machine heat the water

Answer: Good question – this machine does not heat the water, we recommend using hot tap water in your cleaner.

Question: Would this cleaner work on a dense wall-to-wall shag carpet? I am wondering if it would be effective without causing damage.

Answer: I’ve never tried the cleaner on a dense shag carpet. I wouldn’t try it though. Sorry I couldn’t be of any help

Question: So what do you do when it’s drying? And do you move furniture or not?

Answer: It’s a wonderful machine. Very easy to use. Yes, we move whatever furniture is necessary.

We do sections at a time. Avoid walking on it too much. Better to use it when the weather is warmer and you could open some windows etc.,

also depending on how plush your carpet is. You won’t be disappointed.

Replacement parts

BISSELL 1400J Little Green Portable Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner 48oz Capacity with Stain Brush

Last update

BISSELL 1400J Little Green is a little cleaner that does a great job on stains, which is highly recommended by thousands of users!

Black Friday 1400J Little Green Deals 2020 

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Summary reviews of Bissell 1400J Little Green

BISSELL 1400J Little Green is a corded, lightweight portable carpet cleaner, designed for cleaning stains in emergencies: food stains, wine stains, pet stains, etc. The model has a simple and compact design: 2 water tanks on both sides and an extended hose with 3’’ stain tool. You can use BISSELL 1400J Little Green on fabric, upholstery, couch, sofa and get an amazing cleaning job.

Before buying BISSELL 1400J Little Green, you should consider:

  • This model does not have heatwave technology – so it can’t keep the water warm during cleaning. 
  • The motor power is moderate, just about 3 amps. If you are dealing with worst stains, heavy stains that need powerful suction, it is better to choose a high suction power carpet cleaner, such as Bissell Spotclean 3624.

Here are a few benefits of  Bissell 2891B 1400J Little Green Cleaner

  • Made from recycled materials: go green and save environment
  • Cheap and get the job done – it is yet not the cheapest portable carpet cleaner, but the price is very affordable and it is efficient for intended use.
  • 2 separate water tanks with removable feature – you can empty, replace the water easily
  • Compact – storage is not a problem

Specifications of  Bissell 2891B 1400J Little Green Cleaner: 

  • Weight: 12 Pounds
  • The power rating is 3 Amps
  • Dirt Tank Capacity: 48 Ounces
  • Assembly Required: Yes
  • Number of Pieces 1
  • Warranty: 1 Year limited

Pros and cons


  • The instructions were clearly written and assembly was a breeze.
  • The electrical cord was nice and long.
  • Quite compact.


  • Only con is I wish it had heat mode but what can you do good for it’s value

Cleaning demo:

FAQs of  Bissell 2891B 1400J Little Green Cleaner

Question:Can this pick up 2 litres of spilled milk on the floor?

Answer:If it’s on a carpet, yes

Question:Is the included trail size autocare formula and boost oxy sufficient to clean a Toyota highlander seats and carpet? thanks.

Answer:Yes I think so. I cleaned my patio cushions (couch and chairs)

Question:Am I able to use this machine on a shag area rug?

Answer:Absolutely, this machine works on basically any type of fabric!

Question:Can it remove ash out of a white carpet? The carpet isn’t burned.

Answer:I don’t know but you could try a small test area. I’ve been surprised at the stains it removed from an off white carpet

Question:Is the wand very useful? or should I go with the professional version or just the green pet pro?? Thanks

Answer:I was very pleased with the attachments it came with. The machine is very powerful for its size. I used it on all my car mats and they’re back to black. I assume using the attachments will lose its grip and bristles will suck but i don’t think anytime soon.

Question:I want to use this to clean my car carpet and seats. Is this a great product for the job?

Answer:It is great for car carpeting. In fact a friend today was talking about the one he has and says it works very well. He had some spoiled milk in the back of the car and Bissell got it all out without any problem.

Question:With which detergent did you use this?

Answer:The one it comes with

Question:My daughter used it to clean cat diarrhoea … How to clean the machine from this terrible smell of

Answer:I would try vinegar.

Can you fill the tank with warm/hot water to clean stains?

Answer:Yeah totally. Just don’t do boiling water because it’s plastic!

Question:my couch is constantly covered in cat hair. Will this machine help with that?

Answer:I would say no

Question:Does it remove salt under car seats

Answer:Yes it can help, but it requires you preparing the area with a solution beforehand. I used a vinegar/water mixture. Let it work on the stain for 10-15 mins then use the Bissell with the Oxy shampoo. Likely have to repeat.

Question:Can I use this on my white couch? Will it leave marks or stain? Will it work to clean it and look new again?

Answer:Hello and Thank you for asking me a question about my little green carpet cleaner?? I’m not sure if it would make marks or not but I know for sure it’s working great 👍 for me ? 

Does this work on leather seats?

Answer:I can’t say I haven’t used leather. I usually just stick with leather cleaner

Question:How do I clean the dirty water tank?

Answer:Hot water and rinse it out

Question:How many amps is the motor?

Answer:3 amps according to the specs online.

Question:Will this work on very plush carpet?

Answer:This is good for short rugs. Because of the brush. Long carpet I wouldn’t bet on it. This is for small stain, quick clean

Question:does it work on 220 Volts?

Answer:It works on a standard 120volt outlet. With an adapter it would work

Question:does it work on 220 Volts?

Answer:No , this is a standard north american 120V

Question:How many amps is the automotive one ? How is suction power ?

Answer:3 amps. I don’t have the autocare version, but my Bissell’s suction is excellent.

Question:Can I use any other cleaners with this? I prefer all natural products

Answer:Yes you can use natural cleaner . It works

Question:Works on nylon carpet?

Answer:I’ve used it on broadloom, various upholsteries, deep pile mats….all with some degree of success

Question:Can you take the nozzle apart to clean it?

Answer:To clean we just put the nozzle into a bucket of clean water and sucked the water up which cleaned it. Hope this helps you:)

Question:Have an older model and the major fault/annoyance I see is that the hose does not swivel. Do the newer ones. Can’t face standing in line to find out

Answer:The newer one does swivel. Hope that helps.

Replacement parts